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The Ninth Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit offers a must-see slate of events and presentations for manufacturing executives. Arranged around the theme of “Bold Ideas for a Better Future,” the Summit brings together the best minds inside and outside the manufacturing industry to provide cutting-edge insight on the trends and challenges manufacturers face in the years ahead.


We are excited to partner with Cisco for this event. Please stop by the Pavilion and meet Dino Busalachi and Lisa Hritz! Be sure to ask for our handout on Smart Manufacturing.


Applied is a consultative, advanced technology organization focused on addressing today’s manufacturing challenges through Unified Automation (UA). UA is a new paradigm for manufacturers which brings together innovative business and manufacturing processes and integrated technologies (Plant Floor Virtualization, Mobility, Intelligence) to propel an optimized enterprise manufacturing strategy. Top 3 reasons attendees should meet with the applied group

  1. Improving manufacturing productivity (PR) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) begins with a thorough understanding of manufacturing operations and information technology. The Applied Group has unique expertise and experience that enables us to bridge the gap between manufacturing and IT to provide keen insights and collaborative solutions to forward thinking organizations.
  2. Real-Time production insight for control, proactive management and overall performance is now simple to implement and affordable. Let us show you how to tap into the stores of data that are being gathered in the majority of your production processes, and turn that data into actionable information (dashboards) presented in real-time, on any connected device.
  3. Excited about Cisco’s Industrial Smart Solution? We are a vetted Cisco partner and can help you understand what the Cisco Industrial Smart Solution could mean to your organization. We are a consultative systems integrator with an expansive manufacturing practice, so we can speak your language and guide you through your quest for improved production performance, increased quality, and sustained compliance.



May 14 – 15, 2013


The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida learn more about The Manufacturing Leadership Summit