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House essential systems, functions and information.

Backup & Recovery

Ensure all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste to a sudden computer failure, accidental deletion or even spilling coffee over your device by regularly saving important files and data to a secure storage space. Or, if your device does fail, reliably recover entire projects and important information without missing a beat.

Composable Infrastructure

Get rid of physically configuring hardware to support a specific software application while similarly reducing unused compute, network system and storage resources by collectively pooling and allocating infrastructure resources based on applications need. When an infrastructure resource is no longer required, it is re-appropriated so it can be allocated to another application that needs it.

Unified Computing

At the core of enterprise computing systems, there is a desire to perform faster, more efficient and easily adapt. Engaging unified computing integrates computing hardware, virtualization and switching fabric with a comprehensive ease of management software which streamlines management, reduces total cost of ownership and increases scalability.

Converged Systems

Consolidate servers, storage and virtualization hardware into a single stack. While converged systems utilize separate software to control each function, each pillar can be scaled independently based on company need.



Reduce recovery time objectives to as little as 15 minutes by employing image-based virtual machine replication through a variety of network solutions.


A flash array is a solid state storage disk system as opposed to a spinning hard disk drive. Benefits of these low latency, non-volatile software managed flash storage systems include uptime at a 99.9% clip and guaranteed lightning-fast performance.

Hyperconverged Systems

Integrate your network, servers, storage and virtualization functions into a single scalable module, governed by a high level, comprehensive software which intern allows simplification of management. Additionally, it helps trim costs, increases security and improves performance.


The main goal of virtualization is to eliminate redundancies and improve resource allocation by creating virtual versions of high-level technologies. Computer hardware platforms, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources have all been recreated virtually in order to free the applications and data from the physical resources they run on, drastically impacting efficiency while simultaneously driving costs down.


Manage data in a concise, scalable and high-performance fashion in network attached, software and network driven capacity (NAS) or connect multiple servers in a network through a single storage source (SAN) in order to maximize performance, data integrity and reinforce infrastructure.


a business-centric, no-nonsense approach

Infrastructure Consulting

We help organizations improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and bolster the experience of the customer, both internal and external, by properly applying the right technologies. It all begins with a true partnership with our clients, gaining an understanding of their overall business and technology objectives. Starting with the end in mind, the first logical step is a consulting engagement for Discovery, Assessment and Design. The end result is an architectural design and prioritized roadmap from which everyone operates – ensuring a data technology infrastructure that enables business. In a nutshell, our core strength is to employ technical architectures, solutions and tools to solve your business challenges and help you achieve organizational success.


Ultimately, we design your data center architecture and subsequent solutions to solve business and operational challenges and to enable you to achieve organizational goals. We cannot stress this enough…technology is a tool which must be properly applied to your unique goals and objectives to yield the most powerful benefit. Our design engagement provides you with a detailed technical blueprint for the future. The design considers a tremendous amount of detailed information which includes, but is not limited to: your goals, objectives, current state assessment, gap analysis and industry best practices. We take a holistic view of your environment, applications, systems, network, servers, security and end-points to design an overall architecture that is fault-tolerant and enables scalability, adaptability and security.

Managed Services

Should you want to take a more hands off approach, our managed service offerings give you the freedom to insert a fully customizable and tailored data center architecture directly into your organization while allowing your team members to focus on what they do best. From Discovery and Assessment to Design our engagement doesn’t change; but our managed service implementation will empower your organization and staff to achieve success.


Discovery & Assessment

This is where we gain true insight into your business and operational goals, the current state of the infrastructure, and then factor in both industry best practices and regulations. The Discovery phase includes a combination of interviews with key personnel (executive leadership, marketing leadership, technology leadership, operations leadership and support staff) as well as physical and technological inspection and documentation of various aspects of the facilities.

Upon completion of Discovery, a comprehensive Assessment is provided, which includes a summary of business and operational objectives, a review of findings and recommendations relative to the current operational state, a discussion of industry best practices, regulatory considerations and a gap analysis of current state vs. future state. This becomes the basis for our Design Services engagement.


We provide the engineering, project management, and training resources to take your data center architecture from a paper design to an operational reality. Realistically, this is where our unique team of business-savvy technologists really separates us from other systems integrators and value added resellers. We understand that your staff has skill and expertise in many areas and we will work with your team to develop a strategy to take on as much or as little of the deployment as necessary and appropriate. We are not here to replace your staff, we are here to supplement and support your initiatives to enable your success.

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HPE Hyper Converged 380

Combine HPE ProLiant DL 380 Servers, VMware® virtualization software, and HPE management tools in a innovative, all-in-one virtualization solution to deploy virtual machines at cloud speed. The HPE Hyper Converged 380 is regulated by comprehensive and easy to use software and a easily scalable nodes to simplify IT operations and reduce costs.

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HMI Virtualization

Global Operations, Privately Held


Older, traditional PC-based HMI failures caused significant downtime due to recovery from hardware- and software-related issues.


We designed and implemented a focused HMI Virtualization solution where we de-coupled the HMI hardware from the application and redirected the processing to the facility’s secure, fully redundant data center.


By introducing a standardized, secure and controlled, fault-tolerant architecture for HMI Operations, production outages related to hardware and software have been greatly reduced. And, in the rare event of a failure or human error, recovery is quick and reliable, measured in seconds or minutes. Hardware and software costs have been reduced. Significant, positive impacts to production and profitability have been realized by leveraging thin clients on the plant floor with a centralized, secure and controlled, bullet-proof computing and storage architecture.

Unified Data Center

Regional Operations, Privately Held


The client needed a robust, agile, scalable, easily-managed data center infrastructure to support the processing and performance requirements for multiple business units (Gaming and Back-of-House), while accommodating a 5-year growth plan. Additionally, this data center needed to be managed and administered from a remote location with limited reliance on local IT staff.


We designed and implemented a Unified Data Center solution to provide highly fault-tolerant, scalable and agile compute and storage capabilities to all business units with distinct and secure operational segmentation. This state-of-the-art Flexpod solution included a fully-integrated Cisco, NetApp, and VMware solution architecture


This Unified Data Center solution provides a holistic architecture that provides separate and secure storage and processing for each business unit, is highly available and enables remote staff to easily provision new physical and virtual servers. This combination of security, ease of use, and scalability ensures that the business can quickly and securely adapt to nearly any opportunity.

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