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Please join us for a Lunch & Learn @ Fleming’s Steakhouse:

Get to know Nimble Storage

> Friday, October 16, 2015 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM CDT

You are invited to come meet our newest Key Technology Partner: Nimble Storage. Please join us at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, and for an introduction to one of the hottest storage companies in the world. Nimble is the market leader in Flash Storage because there solutions are robust, cutting-edge and available at an amazing price-point.

“Snapshots, inline data compression, efficiency of replication, application integration and efficient backups are just a handful of the features which set Nimble apart. The bottom-line is that the Nimble platform is robust, simple to manage and has an extremely competitive price point.”

– Eric Frietsch, VP of Engineering – The Applied Group



LUNCHEON AGENDA 1. Welcome & Introductions 2. Why Applied Selected Nimble as a Key Partner 3. Nimble POC Program (Special Offer for Luncheon Attendees) 4. Introductions to Your Local Nimble Team 5. The Nimble Story 6. Nimble Solutions: Adaptive Flash, InfoSight