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Working together for shared goals.


Create a holistic business conference that connects individuals through text, voice, video or screen sharing, enabling employees to share new ideas and breakthroughs in a time sensitive manner.


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging allows employees to connect with and make contributions to their team from any device by giving them access to presence, text, voice, video communications, desktop sharing and conferencing. When your team is empowered to collaborate, productivity soars


Improve engagement beyond the conference room through networked video solutions. Show off digital signage, share software tutorials and integrate advertisements to create an easy to operate, holistic, networked digital platform.


By integrating your IP communication practices into a unified solution collaboration becomes more efficient and cost effective all while maintaining the same set of hardware, improving sound quality and encouraging faster problem solving practices to flourish

Unified Communications

By integrating your communication mediums such voice, video, instant messaging, email, etc. to work for you, we make working together simple. Miss a call? Read the voicemail through your email. Having a hard time describing a concept over instant messaging? Escalate it to a voice call all through the same platform. Unifying your communications makes cooperation simplified, intuitive and mobile.

Video Conferencing

Save time, the frustration of travel and company resources with HD video conferencing systems. Through a wide variety of endpoints, our video conferencing solutions from software to entire conferencing rooms, give individuals all of the benefits of an in-person, collaborative meeting through a virtual platform.


a business-centric, no-nonsense approach

Infrastructure Consulting

We help organizations improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and bolster the experience of the customer, both internal and external, by properly applying the right collaboration technologies. It all begins with a true partnership with our clients, gaining an understanding of their overall business and collaboration objectives. Starting with the end in mind, the first logical step is a consulting engagement for Discovery, Assessment and Design. The end result is an architectural design and prioritized roadmap from which everyone operates – ensuring a collaboration infrastructure that enables business. In a nutshell, our core strength is to employ collaboration architectures, solutions and tools to solve your business challenges and help you achieve organizational success.


Ultimately, we design your architecture and subsequent solutions to solve business and operational challenges and to enable you to achieve organizational goals through collaboration. We cannot stress this enough…technology is a tool which must be properly applied to your unique goals and objectives to yield the most powerful benefit. Our design engagement provides you with a detailed technical collaboration blueprint for the future. The design considers a tremendous amount of detailed information which includes, but is not limited to: your goals, objectives, current state assessment, gap analysis and industry best practices. We take a holistic view of your environment, applications, systems, network, servers, security and end-points to design an overall architecture that is fault-tolerant and enables scalability, adaptability and security.

Managed Services

Should you want to take a more hands off approach, our managed service offerings give you the freedom to insert a fully customizable and tailored collaboration architecture directly into your organization while allowing your team members to focus on what they do best. From Discovery and Assessment to Design our engagement doesn’t change; but our managed service implementation will empower your organization and staff to achieve success.


Discovery & Assessment

This is where we gain true insight into your business and operational goals, the current state of the infrastructure, and then factor in both industry best practices and regulations. The Discovery phase includes a combination of interviews with key personnel (executive leadership, marketing leadership, technology leadership, operations leadership and support staff) as well as physical and technological inspection and documentation of various aspects of the facilities.

Upon completion of Discovery, a comprehensive Assessment is provided, which includes a summary of business and operational objectives, a review of findings and recommendations relative to the current operational state, a discussion of industry best practices, regulatory considerations and a gap analysis of current state vs. future state. This becomes the basis for our Design Services engagement.


We provide the engineering, project management, and training resources to take your unified collaboration architecture from a paper design to an operational reality. Realistically, this is where our unique team of business-savvy technologists really separates us from other systems integrators and value added resellers. We understand that your staff has skill and expertise in many areas and we will work with your team to develop a strategy to take on as much or as little of the deployment as necessary and appropriate. We are not here to replace your staff, we are here to supplement and support your initiatives to enable your success.

Superior Strategic Partnerships



Holistically connect all of your endpoints through the cloud. Start a conversation on your laptop and continue on mobile or conference room. Share screens, drag and drop documents and files directly into the chat securely with everyone in the meeting with no set up. Cisco Spark brings communication together to make getting things done easy.

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