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Ethernet Conversion

An Ethernet gaming floor enables a consistent, robust customer experience while providing operators with the ultimate level of adaptability, supportability and flexibility. Whether you are converting from a serial floor or building a new property, we have un-paralleled experience in gaming and expertise in technology. Our solutions provide you with the most robust, most scalable, state-of-the-art technology in the world.

Software Defined WAN

Software Defined WAN has the advantage of removing potentially expensive routing hardware by provisioning connectivity through a hardware based software managed centralized console either on-premise, via the cloud or as a managed service. Ultimately these measures reduce costs, heightens performance and increases security.



Switches serve as controllers which aid networked devices in talking to each other. Unlike less advanced network hubs, a network switch forwards data only to one or multiple devices that need to receive it, rather than broadcasting the same data out of each of its port.


Routing is the process of selecting the bests paths in a network through analyzing various metrics such as bandwidth, network delay, path cost and load and promoting optimizations to achieve high performance goals.


Connect any device to your wireless network and thus your organizations resources in a high-speed, secure and collaborative fashion from anywhere.

Wan Optimization

Connect to secure, high speed networks optimized through, deduplication, compression, caching/ proxy, traffic shaping and latency optimization and more in order to increase uptime, efficiency and security.


a business-centric, no-nonsense approach

Infrastructure Consulting

We help organizations improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and bolster the experience of the customer, both internal and external, by properly applying the right network technologies. It all begins with a true partnership with our clients, gaining an understanding of their overall business and technology objectives. Starting with the end in mind, the first logical step is a consulting engagement for Discovery, Assessment and Design. The end result is an architectural design and prioritized roadmap from which everyone operates – ensuring a network infrastructure that enables business. In a nutshell, our core strength is to employ technical architectures, solutions and tools to solve your business challenges and help you achieve organizational success.


Ultimately, we design your network architecture and subsequent solutions to solve business and operational challenges and to enable you to achieve organizational goals. We cannot stress this enough…technology is a tool which must be properly applied to your unique goals and objectives to yield the most powerful benefit. Our design engagement provides you with a detailed technical network blueprint for the future. The design considers a tremendous amount of detailed information which includes, but is not limited to: your goals, objectives, current state assessment, gap analysis and industry best practices. We take a holistic view of your environment, applications, systems, network, servers, security and end-points to design an overall architecture that is fault-tolerant and enables scalability, adaptability and security.


Should you want to take a more hands off approach, our managed service offerings give you the freedom to insert a fully customizable and tailored network architecture directly into your organization while allowing your team members to focus on what they do best. From Discovery and Assessment to Design our engagement doesn’t change; but our managed service implementation will empower your organization and staff to achieve success.


Discovery & Assessment

This is where we gain true insight into your business and operational goals, the current state of the infrastructure, and then factor in both industry best practices and regulations. The Discovery phase includes a combination of interviews with key personnel (executive leadership, marketing leadership, technology leadership, operations leadership and support staff) as well as physical and technological inspection and documentation of various aspects of the facilities.

Upon completion of Discovery, a comprehensive Assessment is provided, which includes a summary of business and operational objectives, a review of findings and recommendations relative to the current operational state, a discussion of industry best practices, regulatory considerations and a gap analysis of current state vs. future state. This becomes the basis for our Design Services engagement.


We provide the engineering, project management, and training resources to take your unified network architecture from a paper design to an operational reality. Realistically, this is where our unique team of business-savvy technologists really separates us from other systems integrators and value added resellers. We understand that your staff has skill and expertise in many areas and we will work with your team to develop a strategy to take on as much or as little of the deployment as necessary and appropriate. We are not here to replace your staff, we are here to supplement and support your initiatives to enable your success.

Superior Strategic Partnerships



With a fully virtualized infrastructure IWAN allows you to choose your provider and connectivity functions while ensuring efficiently routed network traffic, application optimization and secure connectivity to create an intelligent and comprehensive network solution.

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Ethernet Gaming Floor (conversion)

Regional Operations, Privately Held


Our client needed to convert from a serial communications infrastructure to a high-speed Ethernet solution in order to provide services that would enhance the experience of their guests. As gaming contributes the most significant portion of their revenues, the resulting infrastructure needed to be highly fault-tolerant, scalable, and secure. Looking to the future, our client also desired an infrastructure that would serve as the foundation for a Unified Communications strategy and scale easily for future growth.


We designed and implemented a new fiber-optic cable infrastructure and a robust Unified Network with redundant uplinks, enterprise-class switches and highly available firewalls. Throughout the effort we worked hand-in-hand with multiple business units and the customer’s gaming systems providers to ensure minimal impact to gaming operations.


The solution provided a robust communications architecture to support current requirements and future growth. The new architecture provides a single unified platform for the entire organization which is extremely fault-tolerant, has zero single points of failure, is secure from internal and external threats and can be quickly scaled and adapted for new business opportunities and marketing campaigns. Within the unified architecture, the key business units (including gaming and back-of-house operations) have highly segmented and secure sub-networks. A significant portion of the solution was funded by additional revenues gained by significantly enhancing the overall guest experience.

Unified Wireless Network

Regional Operations, Privately Held


Our client needed a wireless solution to support their entire horse track and gaming property. The solution needed to support many user constituents including: guests, mobile wagering, technician dispatch, warehouse management and corporate users. Key business requirements included data / access security, ability to support significant peaks of guest users, ability to add new applications on-demand, and need to maintain the interior design aesthetics by hiding wireless access points.


We designed and implemented a Unified Wireless architecture with segmented VLANs to support each business unit and constituent group. We worked hand-in-hand with the Interior Design team and Contractor to ensure all wireless access points were not visible to guests.


The Unified Wireless architecture enables all users to access a single robust, secure wireless network from anywhere on this sprawling property with no degradation in service. The design of the solution enables the various business units to quickly and easily add new applications with absolutely no infrastructure redesign as network administration and management is greatly simplified through a single portal

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