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A partnership with Applied carries a promise to Discover, Asses and Design technical architectures, solutions and tools to solve your business challenges, help you improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and bolster the experience of the customer.


This is where we take a look under the hood of your business and comprehend operational goals, and deduce the current state of your infrastructure, by conducting interviews with key personnel as well as physical and technological inspection and documentation of various aspects of the facilities.


Technology is a tool which must be properly applied to your unique goals and objectives to yield the most powerful benefit. Our design takes a holistic view of your environment, applications, systems, network, servers, security and end-points to design an overall architecture that is fault-tolerant and enables scalability, adaptability and security.


We provide the engineering, project management, and training resources to take your unified architecture from a paper design to an operational reality. We understand that your staff has skill and expertise in many areas and we will work with your team to develop a strategy to take on as much or as little of the deployment as necessary and appropriate.


Our managed service offerings give you the freedom to insert a fully customizable and tailored technical architecture directly into your organization while allowing your team members to focus on what they do best by fully implementing and managing every aspect of the framework.


We provide the engineering, project management, and training resources to supplement and support your unified architecture initiatives to enable your business to find success.

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